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Posted by Tablet Command on Oct 7, 2019 2:44:45 PM


Emergency responders have been using Tablet Command on iPads and iPhones for years. Now public safety professionals with Android phones can also use TC Mobile. 

Anyone with a Smartphone and a subscription to their department’s Tablet Command service can have real time  access to emergency call notifications and CAD notes.

Often smartphone notifications arrive 20-30 seconds faster than station paging systems resulting in faster get out and arrival times and better situational awareness.

Some of the Features in the Android Version of TC mobile are: turn by turn navigation in Google Maps and Waze, units assigned, real time vehicle location and unit status, CAD notes, and notifications by unit or call type.

Here is what  Table Command’s customers are saying about the new Android solution:

"Tablet Command is light years ahead of our previous software.

It has allowed us to locate emergency incidents and track actionable data in real time with the average firefighter in mind as the end user."

Ken Loo, Fire Captain



Aaron Brunton copy“As a company officer on the front lines, Tablet Command for Android has been instrumental in verifying an incident address with detailed call information on the go.

It has allowed me to verify the real time location of additional responding units on residential and commercial fires”

Having this vital information at my fingertips is wonderful when seconds count.”

Aaron Brunton, Fire Captain 


 “I have been using Tablet Command on my Android Phone for the last month. The benefits of being able to read the comments from the call, plus having directions to the call are fabulous.

Thank you for giving us Android people this App!”

John Lefever, Engineer





Check out  for more information about TC Mobile and the Android App       


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