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Posted by Tablet Command on Nov 16, 2020 11:30:41 AM

Tablet Command and, two Northern California companies founded by highly experienced firefighters, have entered into a powerful partnership that will result in better and safer fireground tactical leadership for first responders across North America. (aka FIRE, LLC) was established and founded in 1995 by (retired) Battalion Chief Anthony Kastros. Chief Kastros has 32 years of experience in the fire service, and has a detailed resume of accomplishments. Some of Chief Kastros’ accomplishments include being a member of USAR Task Force 7 that deployed to New York City during 9/11. He has also commanded countless fires and other significant emergencies during his time as a Battalion Chief for the Sacramento Metro Fire District (CA), is a best-selling author, and is a regular instructor at the internationally renowned Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis. uses a highly respected instructional approach for Incident Command for all types of emergencies that public safety agencies encounter. During rigorous multi-day courses, Chief Kastros and his team build each student’s incident command skill set through a proven methodology of emergency management, the Incident Command system.

Chief Kastros employs a standardized and systematic approach to all incident types and teaches future fireground leaders how to “calm the chaos” during the dynamic first moments of each emergency. He also teaches how to structure an incident so that it can scale seamlessly.
While Chief Kastros’ methods of command create a more efficient and effective Incident Commander, adding Tablet Command as a real-time management tool provides for a higher organizational structure on an intuitive platform. This vital program saves the incident commander time and bandwidth, and allows for a higher focus on the dynamics of the emergency.

Tablet Command was founded in 2012 by Fire Captain Andy Bozzo and Assistant Fire Chief William Pigeon. Bozzo and Pigeon bring their own wealth of fire experience to the table. Bozzo serves as a Captain on Rescue 82 at Contra Costa County Fire (CA), and has 22 years of experience as a professional firefighter, including time with CAL Fire in his early days.
Pigeon is also a 12 year veteran from Contra Costa County Fire and has worked on the fire department’s helicopter program as one of its founding members, and served as an Assistant Fire Chief. Pigeon has 22 years of fire service experience.

Tablet Command Inc. creates leading-edge emergency response and incident command software that easily fits into the tactical picture during emergencies. As an industry leader, Tablet Command provides end-to-end data solutions for fire departments around the United States and Canada. Thousands of first responders use Tablet Command for faster incident notification, accurate mapping, and as a real-time shared incident command platform. As an incident command tool, Tablet Command compliments the proven methodologies of Train Firefighters while eliminating the potential inaccuracies of pencil and paper transcription, and also eliminates unnecessary radio chatter during critical moments of an incident.

With the methodology of and the intuitiveness of the Tablet Command software platform, fire officers learn to command emergencies in a standardized and safer manner, while accurately documenting their progress within agency-driven standards.
Kastros teaches the future fireground commander how to manage resources from a strategic and tactical perspective and, as a real-time intelligence and situational awareness tool, Tablet Command seamlessly fits into the common operational picture in the heat of battle. This combination results in a smarter and more effective incident commander. The use of Tablet Command to support the implementation and adoption of command strategies represents a powerful synergy that enhances outcomes for first responders and the citizens they serve.

Tablet Command Inc. and are both based in Northern California, and have a nation-wide customer base. To learn more, visit and

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