New Year!  New Technology?

Posted by Tony Vanneman on Jan 4, 2019 8:27:39 AM
Technology is changing very quickly in our world.  New software versions are released before we get used to the changes from the last version. Wearable devices, 5G cellular capabilities and 3D printers are just a few examples of new advances. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are advancing rapidly and will bring exciting (and more rapid) changes to how we interact with technology.
Changing Technology
Public Safety agencies are embracing emerging technologies as well. For example, drones, location from radios, and telemetry from SCBAs are all on the horizon and will improve situational awareness and safety for responders.
Many departments are improving response times and incident management capabilities by using mobile devices instead of wall maps, pen and paper or white boards.
Tablet Command provides a best in class solutions for response and incident management in the fire service. Founded by two active duty fire professionals, Tablet Command works on an iPad or Smart Phone.
Tablet Command integrates with any Computer Aided Dispatch systems and has five major benefits for first responders.
  1. Reduced turnout times through early notification
  2. Enhanced situational awareness
  3. Improved personnel accountability
  4. Better access to critical information
  5. Improved emergency scene safety for all responders
Learn more about the latest technology at Tablet Command by watching a 90 Second Video (click here) or go directly to our website at

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