Entrepreneurship, Myth #1

Posted by Skye Thompson on May 14, 2016 2:51:04 PM

Here’s a funny fact about entrepreneurs: The most common reason people start businesses is to avoid working for others. 

Here’s another fact: The typical entrepreneur in America works more hours and earns less money than she would have earned if she worked for someone else.

Tablet Command is a classic startup. Two career firefighters gathered around a bright idea they thought could make their lives as career firefighters better. Applying technology to make their workplace safer for themselves and their coworkers. Elbow grease and time would be the variables. 

That was three years ago. Today that bright idea is growing into a bright light. Fire departments in every corner of the country are using Tablet Command to make their operations safer and more efficient, and their after-action reporting process easier, faster and more accurate.

What the experience has also illuminated is the myth that starting a company means getting to work for yourself. We work for the fire service. Our “market” is quite simply a select subset of our national community that takes care of the rest of us. Our “customers” are the people with the biggest hearts and strongest constitutions.

The Tablet Command team works for you guys and we realize that honor and truth of this every day. Thank you for the opportunity!

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