Tablet Command Web Portal - ESRI User Maps

Posted by Tablet Command on Sep 15, 2023 8:15:37 AM

On July 6, 2023 Tablet Command released a version of the web portal with support for ESRI user maps.  This much anticipated release allowed web portal users to view the same maps that users of the Tablet Command and TC Mobile apps access.  We have continued to expand ESRI user maps to additional pages.

All web portal users have access to the maps and can pick which user map they would like to use by clicking on the folded map icon at the bottom right corner of the map view.  All map attributes are functional for things like pre-plans, camera feeds, and other dynamic content.  Using the base map icon at the upper right users can select from the various ESRI provided base maps, and from the layer icon right below the base map icon users can turn off and on the map layers.


ESRI User Maps-3

The dashboard has ESRI user maps from the account, and we have also recently restored the full screen dashboard view which collapses the menu, reduces the width of the incident cards and expands the width of the map.  This view is ideal for overall monitoring of incidents in an account on a big screen TV on the station computer, or on a second screen  in a Chief's office.

Managed Incident TV View

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 2.45.28 PM

In addition to the Dashboard and Map Overview page, we also recently brought ESRI User Maps to the Managed Incident TV View.  Now you can watch an incident actively being managed on your maps with your resources and access the custom features on each map. This view is an ideal way to monitor managed incidents from the ECC.  We optimized the page to run full screen on a 16:9 television.



Because of limitations in the ESRI SDK, we are continuing to work to find solutions to bring the ESRI user maps to the CAD Simulator page.