Tablet Command 2.3 Released

Posted by Tablet Command on Jul 14, 2020 5:45:47 PM

Tablet Command has released Tablet Command 2.3 to the App Store for manual update.  This release improves the manual creation of incidents, added confirmation to transfer of command, enhanced matching for safety keywords, and renamed "Assignments" to "Tasks" throughout the app.  It also features bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Unit work timer behavior change (see description below)
  • Improved Create Incident screen UI
  • Resolved bug where unit tile would disappear when unassigned

  • Resolved occasional bug in Units View when dragging and dropping a unit to a column

  • Unit menu - removed option for Available On Scene
Users can select Leave Group or Leave Incident
  • In the Units View

    • Renamed Assignments to Assigned

    • Renamed Units Column to Unassigned

  • Home screen - renamed Assignments to Tasks

  • When assigning a unit from unit menu, renamed Assignments to Tasks
Improved visual indicator for a unit that is flagged as “Alert”
  • Removed Brightness Slider from Configuration Menu

Enterprise Pro

  • Improved Transfer of Command with confirmation
  • Added additional support for Safety Keywords matching
  • Units transporting and at hospital are now reflected correctly
  • Resolved occasional issue where a unit would be status of “Other”
  • Modified the change Status Menu to keep the previous status until it is confirmed by CAD


Prior Behavior: When assigned from one group/division to another, units would maintain their work timers.   

New Behavior: The work timer will reset when the unit is dragged from one column to another.  This provides an easier work flow for those managing an incident.  A unit can be dragged from FA (Fire Attack) column to REHAB and its work time indicator will reset to green.  Once the unit changes color, there is a visual indicator of how long they have been in that assignment.

New Feature Details


Improved Create Incident UI

Users can now manually create an incident from one streamlined screen instead of a series of screens.  This includes setting location, choosing map, and adding checklists, templates, and units.

Transfer of Command Confirmation

The party requesting transfer of control now receives a confirmation message once control has been granted either by the original incident manager or after 60 seconds with out a confirmation from the original manager.

Safety Keywords Matching

Safety keywords matching is now case sensitive so it would match COVID in call comments only if in the web console it was configured as "COVID". "Covid" or "covid" would not match.



Users who have application auto-update enabled will begin receiving the update automatically as part of the phased release, or they can update manually from the App Store.