Tablet Command 2.0 Release

Posted by Tablet Command on Feb 7, 2020 11:26:02 AM

On February 10, 2020 Tablet Command 2.0 will be released to the App Store.  This release includes exciting new features including revolutionary improvements to mapping with the implementation of ESRI RunTime 100, a unit status table for our two way customers, and significant UI enhancements.  This update has been tested over the last several months in house and by our beta users in the field; it also resolves some minor known issues.


  • Esri ArcGIS Quartz Runtime 100.6
  • Fixed editing a Unit Note
  • Fixed editing local battalions
  • Unit Notes, Checklists and CAD Notes support hyperlinks including phone numbers and URLs
  • Resolved some iOS 13 user interface issues
  • Assignments View - fixed issue with view showing blank
  • Fixed Add Notes window being too small
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Enterprise Pro Features - all accounts

  • Supports Vector Maps
  • Supports ArcGIS Web Map Labels
  • Supports KML Map Layers
  • Map Menu resorted to show user maps at top of table
  • Tablet Command supports integration with FireMapper Enterprise (see Note)
  • Updated Templates and Checklist menu to more clearly delineate the sections
  • Overview - Unit list is now scrollable providing viewing of all units assigned by CAD
  • Improved synchronizing preloaded units in the Resources View
  • Improved CAD Incidents List performance
  • Added Units View image to Activity Record export

Enterprise Pro - 2 Way accounts

  • Unit Status View table
    • Filter and Sort by Unit, Status or Time

NOTE: FireMapper Integration requires FireMapper Enterprise - contact Tablet Command support.

New Feature Details


Esri Runtime 100.6

Esri Runtime 100.6 is a revolution in mapping performance and features that supports vector maps, ArcGIS web map labels, KML layers and can be 20 times faster than the previous solution especially when accessing maps with multiple layers as you can see in the video below.  

Unit Status List

IMG_0312 (1)

Tablet Command Two Way customers can now see the status of all units in a table view.  For convenience, the table can be sorted and filtered by unit name, unit status and time.  The table is color coded to match unit status as color in the map view, and users can tap on the unit to see its location on the map.

IMG_0310 (1)

Links in Notes and Checklists

Notes and Checklists will recognize web addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses as hyperlinks.

IMG_0038 (1)


Tablet Command supports an integration with FireMapper Enterprise.  This allows a user with a Tablet Command Enterprise Pro account and Fire Mapper Enterprise account to create an incident specific map in FireMapper with one button tap.  Users in FireMapper will be able to view, make edits and return to Tablet Command with the tap of one button.


Tablet Command 2.0 will be available for manual update from February 10th through February 17th. From February 17th to February 24th, users who have application auto-update enabled will begin receiving the update automatically.


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