Tablet Command and TC Mobile 3.7.2 Releases

Posted by Tablet Command on Apr 2, 2024 7:45:41 AM

On Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024 Tablet Command will release Tablet Command and TC Mobile 3.7.2 to the App Store. The releases add the ability to side load MMPK's and clarified the Activity Messages. The releases also include bug fixes and performance enhancements.  

We strongly recommend that all users of Tablet Command and TC Mobile 3.7.1 upgrade to 3.7.2 as we discovered that the latest version of the ESRI Mobile SDK which we upgraded to in 3.7.1 was causing app slow downs, freezes and crashes for some customers on specific maps.  We reverted to the version of the SDK we used in 3.7 which resolves the issues.

Tablet Command and TC Mobile

  • Added ability to side-load MMPK’s
  • Updated Activity Messages
  • Added selected Template to Activity Messages
  • Fixed map crash issues with rollback to Esri SDK 100.15.2

Tablet Command

  • Fixed issue dragging personnel into split unit name field
  • Fixed issue where Div Group icons on map took a long time to reappear on map

Tablet Command Enterprise

  • Reworked sync for default Resources, Checklists and Assignments
  • Fixed In-App Audio play icon displaying incorrectly for non manage users
  • Fixed issue with Status view shifting
  • Fixed duplicate Divisions and Groups created from long press
  • Fixed duplicate Activity Messages created from long press

Note:  This will be a phased release over two weeks.  To get this update right away, update from the App Store or your MDM solution.

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